At ŻiguŻajg, we like to get down and dirty with the issues that really matter; the ones on everybody’s lips, and the ones you only think about when you’re sitting through a really boring lesson.

We’ve never shied away from challenging the norm and shaking things up a bit… in the nicest way possible, of course. We’ve always done this by creating exciting narratives which not only entertain, but also engage our young audiences.

“I was fixated about having a very loose narrative for the festival. During one year, my inspiration was to create the contemporary within the historical, so we had the La Valette statue pimped out in jeans, gold chains and a baseball cap. I commissioned the designer to sow it on at night, and it caused such an uproar over three days! The garments were removed, things got stolen, we received complaints… The police came in to question us…”

– Toni Attard, Artistic Director 2012 – 2015