In 2016, ŻiguŻajg was paid a visit by Sillu, who came all the way from the land of giants. Since none of his giant friends wanted to play with him anymore, our tiny island seemed like a good place to start looking for new friends. The giant toy horse wandered around the streets of Valletta, having a blast with our local young ones.

Among other successful shows, Play by Cirk La Putyka (Czech Republic) was performed at St Magdalene’s Chapel in Merchant Street.

“When I became director in 2016, it was really and truly about the aspect of professionalisation. I pushed a lot for the element of process, and how we were going to devise the work from a local perspective. I asked the artists to enhance their level of work and the quality of their productions, not only for the benefit of local audiences, but to also showcase ourselves on an international level.”

– Daniel Azzopardi, Artistic Director 2016-2019