Bringing in a group of students to a ŻiguŻajg event is an exciting experience for both students and educators. We want to make sure that your students’ experience extends beyond the attendance to a performance or visit to an exhibition, and thus work with our commissioned artists to provide educators with the relevant support and resources.

Our resource packs are intended for two main purposes:

  • to prepare educators and/or students prior to their visit;
  • to provide opportunities for educators to follow up on themes and/or creative forms presented in the performance, once they’re back in the classroom.

Resource packs can include (but are not limited to):

  • Information on the performance and what to expect – synopsis, concept, style, creative form, language, characters, themes, techniques, etc;
  • Interviews with members of the creative team;
  • Classroom resources which include follow-up creative activities stemming from stimuli presented in our events and/or explorative tasks for further understanding of the themes presented;
  • Direction towards professional support platforms, particularly for projects which deal with sensitive themes.

Educators are encouraged to make these resource packs their own, by adapting them to their students’ needs and interests. Please do not hesitate to contact [email protected] for more details.


Larinġa Mekkanika
(Students Pack)
Larinġa Mekkanika
(Educators Pack)
The Impresario
Get Loose
Robin Hood u Marian
Tingo: The Tuneless Bird