Sensory Friendly Perfomances

Sensory-friendly performances are designed to create an inclusive and welcoming arts experience for everyone with or without specific sensory needs.

These sensory-friendly performances will include:
• a social story guide (available on our website)
• sounds that are lowered, especially for startling and loud sounds
• low house lights, no strobe lighting or fl ashes
• an introduction from the performers
• doors open throughout the show
• a chill-out area with sensory toys available

All performances are sensory friendly

Belinda and the Blue Bigilla
All performances are sensory friendly

It’s Reigning Cats and Dogs
All performances are sensory friendly

Coco The Singer, The Chocolate Finger
All performances are sensory friendly

ŻiguŻajg Art Jam
The workshops are sensory friendly

sitt ġrajjiet u naqra għala spiċċajna (kif spiċċajna)
Sunday 20th November | 11:30

H20 Water Magnifi co
Sunday 20th November | 17:00

The Bard’s Farewell
Sunday 20th November | 11:00

Sunday 27th November | 11:30

The Wild Swans
Sunday 27th November | 10:30

Mitluf Misjub
Sunday 27th November | 12:30