2021 - A hybrid programme

That the world was still facing many challenges that the pandemic brought along. We needed to constantly adapt to the situation. In 2021, we commissioned and filmed more shows in-house as well as hosted some live shows adhering to socially distanced rules implemented at the time. This year also marked another first Automaniacs, Our collaboration with Opening Doors Association. As Malta’s leading non-governmental voluntary arts organisation, the association provides opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities. This production saw a cast of mixed abilities share the stage for the first time ever.


In 2021, with the support of Ziguzajg Festival, Opening Doors Association presented ‘Automaniacs’, its first inclusive performance within this wonderful festival. Performed by a diverse cast made up of people with and without disabilities, this was one of the first local performance pieces to explore the significance and potential of inclusive practice, valuing acceptance, representation and accessibility. ‘Automaniacs’ is a performance that represents everybody, giving the audience new narratives and fresh perceptions of what performance and performers can be. I am grateful that Opening Doors’ artistic work has been given recognition and a platform to perform to a wider audience, exposing young people to the power of diversity and inclusion in artistic performance within the local arts scene.

Ilona Baldacchino, Artistic Director (June 2019-September 2023)

Photo by: Giola Cassar

“After a year of fully digital programme in 2020, witnessing the return of our young audiences to theatres and performance venues was truly heartwarming. Seeing the  joy in their eyes and smiles as they were captivated by the live performing arts show reignited our passion. That was purely Żigużajg magic.” Andre Mangion

Photo by: Ryan Galea

Denise Perini, Assistant Festival Coordinator 2020- 2021 backstage at filming Phora XS produced by Moveo Company, summer 2021

BTS of filming Phora XS, summer 2021