How to book an event

1. Go to ŻiguŻajg website. Click Here to go to Homepage

2. Take some time to go through what the package
entails and which dates you would like to attend
for each show/screening.

3. Click on one of the events and click
on Event Ticket.

4. The website will re-direct you to our booking system. Click on BUY

5. Input the number of Adults (in this case 2 Adults) and click on ”Cart”

6. Input the number of Children (in this case 1 child) and Click on ”Cart” again. It will still read ”Adults”, however this will be fixed in Step number 7.

7. Click on the newly added Ticket and Change the ticket to ”Children” and the price will adjust automatically to 5 Euros.

8. Click on the ”Checkout” Button.

9. Input your information and click ”Process”

10. Input your credit card information and click on the ”Submit” Button.