When: Sunday 17 November, 12:30
Where: Studio A, Spazju Kreattiv

Speakers: Jimmy Grima (Ssslip/The Rubberbodies Collective); Mathieu Hilléreau (The Little Bath, Les Indépendances); Bettina Cassar (TINGO, The New Victorians)

The session will take aim at discussing the practicalities of developing projects which can tour internationally and what entails to do so. The panel will look into the importance of thorough planning in such process both when it comes to the artistic and logistic aspects, as much as understanding the target audience. Equally of the essence is the networking with key stakeholders and effective pitching of the devised initiatives. 

When: Wednesday 20 November, 13:00
Where: Studio A, Spazju Kreattiv

Liesbet Swings is the education-maker at Theater Artemis, educated as a set designer, but also performer and developer of art projects engaging various groups. Erica van de Kerkhof is educational employee at Artemis, schooled as an art teacher and experienced at involving teachers in art education.

Liesbet Swings and Erica van de Kerkhof talk about the way Theater Artemis shapes their education. They present a case study about involving schools (pupils and teachers) in their performance “War”. They like to discuss the importance of theatre education and especially of watching theatre with children. After that they will present one of their special art projects “Activism = art” for schools as a way of connecting with children in a different way.

In collaboration with the ACMLab series by Arts Council Malta.

When: Saturday 23 November, 15:00
Where: Spazju Kreattiv Theatre

“I believe that we perceive the world much more than we objectify it, that is, through our senses, we imagine the real.  In fact, we are constantly creating and recreating what we call reality.  Our subjectivity unfolds in the world around us as much as the world creeps into us.  This vision of perception seems to apply to all our relations to art as to life. It permeates all my work.” 

This session will essentially focus on the research and development of quality productions for children and young people. The international presenter will delve into what constitutes a production of high artistic excellence which can make a strong impression on audiences, as well as be of interest to international programmers.

As Cas Public’s Artistic Director, Hélène Blackburn’s bold choreographic voice has been heard both in Canada and abroad. She finds dance to be the best medium in which to develop and express her perceptions of human behaviour, a subject she finds inexhaustible. As an artist committed to the advancement of her discipline, a sought-after choreographer and respected teacher, Hélène Blackburn has also distinguished herself outside of Cas Public and continues to receive commissions from respected companies across Europe, while collaborating with the main centres for professional dance training in Canada and Europe. She has been awarded the Jacqueline Lemieux Prize and the Bonnie Bird Choreography Prize for North America.

When: Sunday 24 November, 11:00
Where: Spazju Kreattiv Theatre

Speakers: Sean Buhagiar (Larinġa Mekkanika, Teatru Malta); Martina Zammit (Get Loose, ŻfinMalta); Denise Mulholland (JamBoy, The Shrinking Violets)

The discussion will delve into the status of theatre for young audiences and how such is/can be of relevance to today’s generations. Amongst the pointers touched upon there’ll be the research which needs to go in such work, important team members who should form part of the process/es, time-frames to be considered, networks worth considering and also issues which may be encountered along the way.