For the second edition, it was time for ŻiguŻajg to broaden its horizons, and set sail for Gozo!

Commencing on the 19th November, the ŻiguŻajg International Arts Festival for Children and Young People set up camp in a number of venues in Valletta and Gozo. This edition consisted of 24 local and international productions featuring a spectrum of artistic mediums, including music, storytelling, animation, film, dance and theatre.

“Every child deserves the best through this programme, and it should not be about status, and it should not be about your background. The programme itself has to deliver that message.”

– Toni Attard, Artistic Director 2012 – 2015

“This year, the festival is celebrating its first birthday, and everyone is invited to ŻiguŻajg’s quċċija, during which Valletta will once again be transformed into a haven for the arts.”

– Gozo News

In 2012 ŻiguŻajg commissioned the following shows:

  • Frulli Frilli (Clare Azzopardi, Architecture Project and Merlin Publishers)
  • Multinauti (Mighty Box Games)
  • Mrs Stork’s Mysterious Egg (the Rubberbodies Collective)
  • It-Torri Maġiku (The Factory Media Group)
  • Flip Flop, Shapely Shapes and Blooming Creatures (School of Performing Arts at the University of Malta)

  • Kejk (Fondazzjoni AWL)
  • Ħrejjef (Soundscape)
  • Everything You Need to Know About Science (More or Less) (Laughing Matters Ltd)
  • Heroes vs Villains (Malta Philharmonic Orchestra)
  • Il-Ħajja Xejn Cool ta’ Teenager Jismu Julian (Dù Theatre)