The ŻiguŻajg Festival has garnered a reputation for being a professional and reliable co-producer and commissioner through working with a number of local organisations, such as the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra and ŻfinMalta, as well as a number of local and emerging producers and artists. ŻiguŻajg also opens doors for those seeking a career in the arts, festivals and cultural management. As a result, many of those who’ve worked within the Festival Team are now working full-time in the creative sector.

As Antonella Axisa Festival Director at Trikki Trakki can attest, ŻiguŻajg had introduced the idea of theatre for children and young people.

“In 10 years, the festival has grown so much… We now have a generation of children who are able to dream and be creative. They’re watching theatre of a very high standard, and it helps them aspire to work within the sector.”

– Antonella Axisa, Trikki Trakki Festival Director