The team and creatives at ŻiguŻajg have always felt responsible for what the future will look like, and the Festival feels accountable for providing the right tools for children and young people to think critically and assess the world around them through arts and culture. This could never be achieved without the fruitful rapport we’ve held with schools and educational institutes over the years.

“With ŻiguŻajg, there is an opportunity to risk.”

– Jean Marc Cafa’, 2020

In keeping this relationship at the heart of what we devise, we commission new work and collaborate with creatives to develop targeted and structured workshops to accompany our productions. We also work hand in hand with schools to assemble and deliver effectual resource and education packs, in order to keep educators and pedagogues in the driver’s seat.

“We’ve dealt with homosexuality, we’ve dealt with issues of eating disorders, we’ve dealt with loss, we’ve dealt with questions on identity, even for very young children… I think we’ve opened up a number of conversations.”

– Toni Attard 2012-2015