ŻiguŻajg Festival 2020
20 – 29 November

ŻiguŻajg is turning ten, time to put on your party hats; let’s celebrate! 

A festival that’s bursting at the seams with homegrown talent, this edition boasts brand new events ranging from musical theatre, opera, DIY and non-verbal theatre.

This year things are different – all of our events are available to view online. Join us by simply choosing a time slot from our schedule and watch the show from the comfort and safety of your own home!

Festival Programme

View the Festival Programme, where you can access the shows virtually on our brand new streaming platform!

Each ticket for the virtual festival costs €7, which gives you access to a viewing window to see that show.

Learn more about our events below. There’s something for every age group: music, dance, performance, workshops!

Follow Fruit with Fig

Follow Fruit with Fig is an interactive performance that brings together the visual & performing arts
Ages 0-2

Ninni, Ninni

Ninni, Ninni is a multi-disciplinary project that amalgamates the world of jazz and animation.
Ages 2-4

Riley’s Manic Magic

Riley’s Manic Magic is an interactive story told through dance. Chock full of slick moves, sorcery and mayhem.
Ages 5-7

The Beast Hunter

A comedic documentary-style miniseries starring TikTok extraordinaire and stand up comedian, James Ryder.
Ages 6+

Fab Fantasy Fables with Chucky

Get ready for a five-episode Fab Fantasy Fables with your favourite Drag Queen Storyteller, Chucky!
Ages 8-10

Trouser Girl

Lukey’s music homework is stolen by a pair of mysterious creatures from another world.
Ages 8-12

The Stage Door

The Stage Door is an online mentorship programme for children in the art of cabaret.
Ages 8+


Ineż is fourteen. Perfect Ineż is what everyone calls her. The ultimate label to aspire to. If you’re fourteen, anyway.
Ages 13+

The Whim Reapers

A tale of survival, compelled by the trio’s perseverance and held together by their everlasting friendship.
Ages 13+

Alice in Wonderless Land

Alice in Wonderless Land will reflect the way society compartmentalises women into boxes just like dolls by creating…
Ages 14+

ŻiguŻajg Industry Professionals Webinar Series

This year, our delegate talks are taking an interesting virtual turn, and you’re all invited to join! If you’re interested in listening to what some of the most established professionals in the international and local cultural sectors have to offer, see here for more information on participating in our Industry Professionals Webinar Series.

Ticket Info

When selecting events, please refer to the age guidelines recommended by the Festival team and based on the respective show’s themes and content.

How to Book Virtual Online Tickets

Learn more about our shows on www.ziguzajg.org and choose one you’d like to see. Pressing the Event Ticket button will take you to the Event Page on our new ŻiguŻajg Virtual Festival platform.

For shows with multiple screenings, choose the date and time that suits you best. You’ll then be taken to the Screening Page, where you can purchase your ticket.

You can then choose Pre-Order Now, and be the first in line for all the amazing stories we have lined up for you!

The first time you buy a ticket you’ll need to create a user login with Eventive (our host streaming platform). Your email address and password will be used to log in to all of the events that you choose to purchase a ticket to – plus, you’ll get an email notification just before the show to remind you that it’s starting soon. Your Card number will be required along with its expiry date.

Except for the ‘All Day Long’ series of shows, which are available throughout the Festival (Fab Fantasy Fables with Chucky, The Stage Door, and Ineż (Kienet Perfetta), all of the events are only available to view at the scheduled time.

How to Book Live Show Tickets

As we want to keep you and your family safe, we are only adding one live show – The Whim Reapers. For this, you can choose between the livestream ticket, or the live show tickets. The live show will follow government-approved Covid safety measures and operate with a socially distanced audience.